The Christian Service Program (CSP) at Peoria Notre Dame is one of the school’s best and most unique programs. Through the CSP, students complete a minimum of 100 hours of service to their parish/church, the community or the school. The CSP has received much publicity and has been the recipient of the Governor’s Hometown Award. As a graduation requirement, the CSP places Peoria Notre Dame among a tiny number of secondary schools in the state and nation to elevate an educational service program to a curricular priority.

The CSP is an educational program, which allows the students to put the Message and Mission of Jesus into action. PND students currently assist at over 250 different institutions and agencies. Student projects focus on the key elements of direct service to another person/persons, and the completion of one or more of the Corporal and Spiritual Works of Mercy. All freshmen and transfer students receive a CSP handbook and significant education on the program.

An explanatory video will help you understand the process and requirements of the Christian Service program:

Any questions should be directed to Mr. Donnelly, the CSP director.