"Confession heals, confession justifies, confession grants pardon of sin. All hope consists in confession.In confession there is a chance for mercy.Believe it firmly.Do not doubt, do not hesitate, never despair of the mercy of God.Hope and have confidence in confession."- St. Isidore of Seville, 6th Century
Lent Advisory Confession Schedule:

Weekly Confession Schedule:
M, F: 12:05 - 1:05 (during advisory)
Anytime - just ask a priest!

The sacrament of Confession is offered weekly at Peoria Notre Dame. Appointments for the celebration of the sacrament can be made with Fr. O’Neal or Fr. Carlson at anytime. Penance services with individual confession are offered twice annually. Confessions are generally heard in the sacristy during the advising period - get a pass from your advisory teacher. Enter through the chapel.

Aids for Confession:
Adult Confession Guide (hard copies are in the Chapel)

Fr. Larry Richard's Guide to Confession (Click for YouTube link):