"How Many of you say:I should like to see His face, His garments, His shoes.You do see Him, you touch Him, you eat Him.He gives Himself to you, not only that you may see Him,but also to be your food and nourishment."-St. John Chrysostom, 4th Century

Current Mass Schedule:

M, T, Th, Fr: 7:45AM;


*Anyone can come to the 12:05 Mass. If you are eating lunch at this time, your advisory teacher will write you a pass for B or C lunch, your choice!

Holy Mass is offered daily for the Peoria Notre Dame community. We begin each day with an intense experience of the Logos of God outpoured in the Sacrifice of the Mass with an opportunity to receive the Lord in Holy Communion.

Additionally we celebrate Mass as an entire school in the gym every month. See the Campus Ministry Calendar for details. House Masses will additionally be scheduled for the school year. Those will be held in the chapel and auditorium.

PND club moderators and coaches are encouraged to bring their students for Mass the day of major events. Moderators and coaches can also arrange for after-school Masses or other prayer services (such as Vespers) for their teams. Please contact Father Carlson or Mrs Stenger to schedule a Mass or prayer service.

If any students are interested in serving daily Mass, they should contact Father Carlson.

If any parents or others of our PND family would like to request a Mass intention, please email Mrs Stenger.

New Translation of the Roman Missal videos

Video 1 from Life Teen:

Video 2 from Diocese of Peoria: